Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cajun Alligator

To all you adventurous readers, we are now offering a taste of the unexpected!  Alligator has crept its way onto our menu!  A cajun classic in the south, it has journeyed its way north to the lively food eaters here in the Illinois Valley.

Freshly battered and served deep fried, our alligator is served with buffalo sauce.  A popular dish in places like Louisiana, deep fried alligator is commonly associated to the taste of chicken with the texture of a dense fish.  Alligator has made a steady uprising in American cuisine since the hit "Swamp People" has aired on History Channel.
While there are many versatile ways to cook with this southern staple, we can never compare to the true professionals of this classic.  For those of you interested this video shows how southerners who catch and sell alligator prepare and serve this dish.  But while you can only watch this video, why not find out for yourself what the hype is about?

Stop in while it's here and try a true southern classic that rivals even the most "cajun" of Illinois restaurant staples......

1 comment:

  1. Sounds very interesting... I'd give it a try. You know what would be crazy though? How about incorporating it some how into your burger of the week! Gator-Burger!