Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blood Orange Cocktails

Even though we can't anticipate the crazy Illinois weather, we can offer some new drinks to help make it more tolerable!  So as we wish for warmer weather and the end of a dull winter, the Uptown is bringing some new blood orange drinks into the mix.

Some may be a welcome change to your classic stand-by, while others just might become your new go-to favorite!  (Just be sure to come grab them while supplies last!)

The first is our Blood Orange Mojito. This is our normal mojito recipe, but muddled with a few slices of freshly sliced blood orange which adds a sweeter-than-normal, refreshing twist.

Our second drink is a Blood Orange Martini. Made with vodka, triple sec, and blood orange juice, this sweet concoction is light and finishes with a faint hint of raspberry.

Our final concoction is different from the everyday cocktail. Our Blood Orange Rover is made with bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, blood oranges and topped off with ginger ale. This drink is sweet and tangy with a gingery spiciness to top it all off. A perfect cocktail to a cool spring day.

Now that you know the drinks, perhaps you're wondering, "Just what exactly IS a blood orange?"

Blood oranges are a smaller and sweeter variation to the orange with a slight raspberry taste to them. The name derives from the dark crimson flesh that closely resembles the same hue as blood. While normal oranges are known for a strong source of Vitamin C, blood oranges are a natural antioxidant, which allows you to fight off sickness and free radicals.

You heard it here... they're good for you and make some tasty drinks!  Stop down and help us say goodbye to winter!

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