Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bread & Cookie Samples

Our hosts and hostesses always love to see the faces of customers as they walk past our dessert case and see the rows of cookies, brownies, and breads. We all get a kick out of the many customers whose eyes get bigger and their mouths start to water... almost like kids in a candy store!  Plus, it never fails that when we place the breads in the case, it fogs up from the steam still coming off the loaves that have just come out of the ovens!

Because we know how tempting these baked treats can be (and because we proudly bake them here each and every morning), we couldn't keep them to ourselves.  As a result, we recently began putting free samples of each bread - sourdough or foccacia - and a free sample of chocolate chip cookie chunks at our front desk. We're positive that once you take a bite of one of our fresh baked goods you won't be able to leave without one!

Cookies are only $1 and bread is only $5 a loaf!

While everything in our dessert case is for sale, customers may have a difficult time deciding on what they want or may be unfamiliar with a new product.  So, we decided to help you out a little with your decision dilemma. Please do take a sample, and see for yourself!

 Our sourdough is a traditional loaf that could rival the best of any others and our foccacia has a different topping that is constantly changing to provide something fresh and original.
Not like anything you would find in a large supermarket.

And certainly you can't go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie! Try one out today!

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