Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guinness is Good for You!

Of course every Irishman is going to tell you that beer is good for you right? Well, most of us do know that drinking in moderation is actually good for us, but when celebrating St. Patrick's Day, the term moderation can be forgotten.

Guinness is often the beer of choice when it comes to this time of year, and we have proudly offered a 20 oz. imperial pint on draught for the last 16 years. A year or two back, I came across an article that lists the reasons why Guinness is good for you. I have shared its findings below.

So as you join us this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday for corned beef, cabbage and other Irish traditional food and drink, you will know that you are drinking to your health when you order that pint of Guinness. (Though I suspect this was a collaboration of a dozen drunken Irishmen sitting around a local pub house, because as you can see, not all are exactly what the doctor ordered.)

  • doubles as a meal: a pint of Guinness or a can of Slimfast?
  • instills good cheer: we know why, you'll be amazed by how fast your worries go away
  • Extra Stout is vegan friendly: brewed in North America, it lacks isinglass, a fish product used in Guinness Draught to refine the brew
  • makes you look smart: a glass of green beer or the sophisticated look of a black with creamy head pint?
  • will have you make new friends: Guinness drinkers are a warm, welcoming bunch
  • contains iron: although not quite the daily recommended value but still better than the green beer
  • is time-tested: established in 1759, it is one of the oldest beers in the world
  • gives you happy feet: after a few pints, you often feel like doing the Irish gig or think you know how to do it
  • makes you look manly: Guinness is a proud sponsor of the sport rugby
  • is a fashion statement: everything goes with black
  • allows you to be in good company: a handful of Guinness drinkers are always a good time

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