Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Administrative Professionals Week:

We wanted to remind everyone that this coming week, April 22nd through April 26th will be Adminstrative Professionals Week. What better way to show your appreciation to those that make your life easier than to treat them to the Uptown Grill!

We pride ourselves in helping you show your appreciation to your employees. Gifts of flowers, cards or candy only go so far. Show them a true "thank you" by including us in your gift. Whether it be taking them out to lunch here, treating them to a carryout, bringing them fresh baked cookies or brownies, it will sure be a day they remember.

We also realize that there are those that can not simply get out of the office on most days and keep business running. A gift card will also always give them something to look forward to. With every business celebrating this business holiday together, it will be a very busy day for us. We remind you that it is not just one day to celebrate. Maybe Mondays are better for you? Or perhaps split the office and take half one day, the rest the next? Either way, we would love to make a reservation for you and your office to help ensure your employees get the credit they deserve. We have made things easy for you. We have included a link to make your reservations or purchase gift cards here!
Boss, this is your one full week out of the year to be humble and pamper those that do so much for you. These days are celebrated to acknowledge the skills, efficiency and loyalty for which businesses depend on.

Administrative Professionals Week started back in 1952 in order to recognize the work of those adminstrative assistants, secretaries and other office professionals for their hard work all year long. This recognition was actually originally called Secretary's Day, but in 2000 it was changed to Administrative Professionals and extended beyond the one day to include the last full week of April. It has become the largest workplace observance and is celebrated all over the world.
The name change was in an effort to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities. The professional's job today requires skills in management functions, technology, computer software applications, organization, scheduling, research, document preparation, storage, electronic record keeping, customer service and public relations. Wow, you could say that is a full days work!
So boss, here is your reminder.

Thank you to all administrative professionals, your work does not go unnoticed!

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  1. When appreciation is shown to all employees, people begin to work much better because they feel important.