Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In Blog we Trust

Recently, I came across a study that outlined that mothers and families put more faith into blogs and peers for nutrition and food facts than the governmental required statistics and nutritional information released for every product in the market. Essentially, word of mouth in food blogs and the Internet are more highly regarded than that of regulated government sanctions when regarding how nutritional any type of food is.

In the study conducted, researchers found that 34% of the population trusted the information released in online blogs. Compared to this, only 20% of the populations stated that they would trust the words of a medical website, and only 15% would trust the words of a medical physician for their nutritional facts.

One of the major reasons that people did put more trust in peers is that they felt the major brands and organizations were not relating to the everyday person, but looking to exploit them for money. Ultimately, the nutritional information that people rely on needs to be something that people view as honest and reliable.

This topic is a very lop-sided argument. In one sense it's understandable that people may feel that large companies may not be representing their product right and sending the wrong message. But there is also the point that people would rather trust the opinion of someone who has written something on an online blog.

Much like the Wikipedia debate over the last decade, anyone could post any information onto the Internet, and people could assume it's true. The power of anonymity on the Internet is one that carries both consequences and repercussions while directly affecting the beliefs and standards that people hold.

Unlike other blogs across the Internet, ours is geared towards spreading the word of new products available here at the restaurant. While we would never lie to you about our products, we would also stick by the fact that our bloggers would never abuse the online capabilities that they have on our website. With this in mind, we always encourage and look forward to your opinions, ideas, and suggestions that allow us to better serve you!

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