Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shrimp Pappardelle

This week on special we are featuring pappardelle pasta with shrimp, peas, and grape tomatoes in a white wine, shallot and  lemon sauce.  The ingredients are lightly pan seared before being mixed with the  pappardelle pasta to ensure that flavors of the shrimp, tomatoes and white wine sauce mix together.  This is a lighter dish perfect for the spring weather.  While we have featured pasta dishes within the last few months, they have predominately been cream based that leaves the warm and full feeling perfect for winter.  This dish goes perfectly on a cool spring night and not leave you feeling full and weighted down after. 
For the unfamiliar, pappardelle is a wide, flat noodle compared to a larger version of the fettuccine noodle. The name derives from the Italian word "pappare" or to "gobble up." Much like the shape of the lasagna noodle, this pasta was originally designed to be used with heavier based sauces due to the fact that this pasta is not egg based, so it absorbs moisture quicker than most other noodles.  Like Ray discusses in his article of spring dishes, this is a perfect dish to usher in the lighter and weightless dishes that bring around Spring.  We're sure  that this is on of those dishes that you're sure to gobble up or in the words of the Italians, "pappare!"

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