Friday, April 12, 2013

Spaghetti Dinner Recap ~ Thank You to our Volunteers!

When you run or own a business, one of the hardest things to do is to say no. Most of you in this position know it is fiscally impossible to say yes to all the requests you get for donations. That is why for 12 years now, we have been doing this fundraiser for the Lighted Way. I feel it is the best way to utilize our facility and staff to create the most good for our community. There are not many places that could serve well over a thousand meals in a few hours. I also considered when selecting this function, as our main charity event, the fact that all the donations generated stay in our community and are used 100% for true local need.   

I also want to thank my staff who are incredibly generous in donating their time. Many of them put in a full eight hour shift to ensure this event goes off with out a hitch. We also have several friends and customers that participate in many ways. Whether it is tossing salad, packing carry outs, dishing spaghetti, or shuttling food... it is appreciated!

We generally start a week ahead making sauce with it gradually turning into a frenzy of activity by the time the doors open. We could not do it with out all of you. This year we helped to generate over $13,000 for this school for developmentally disabled children.

The Lighted Way also supplies a huge amount of helpful and enthusiastic volunteers. I always get a kick out of how they react to their one night of the year in the restaurant business. We have already offered to do this again next year as long as you keep turning out. 
Here is the list of all of you generous people from the Uptown's end that participate. Thanks!

We could not do this with out you:

  • Tracy Helmer
  • Charis Sherman
  • Tracey Schmitz
  • Ani Craig
  • Mary Halberg
  • Geena Biccochi
  • Dalton Owen
  • Jen Love
  • Melinda Holm
  • Marsha Klimek
  • Kim Washelesky
  • Brett Witek
  • Chris Plankenhorn
  • Anna Plankenhorn 
  • Abby Plankenhorn
  • Cheryl Rose
  • Sheila Powell
  • Shelby Straughn
  • Moriah Feagin
  • Craig Bartlett
  • Becky Konzack
  • Roger Konzack
  • Amy Konzack
  • Dan Konzack
  • Amy Mareta
  • Jim Lannen
  • Trisha Lannen
  • Ava Lannen
  • Josh Theisinger
  • Mike Reagan
  • Julie Scott 
  • Mike Ficek
  • Rene Ficek
  • Chuck Messino
  • Jeff Boyd
  • Devin Boyd
  • Alex Maysonet 
  • Hailey Backes
  • Ryan Anderes
  • Ray Anderes
  • Rita Anderes
  • Kim Parker
  • Maize Nails
  • Sysco Chicago

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