Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seafood Specials:
Swordfish & Grouper Cheeks


With the warmer weather creeping in on us, the cooks in the kitchen are coming up with seasonal  dishes that will help set the mood for these seasonal changes. As such, we now have swordfish available to our customers. As most everyone knows, swordfish is very distinguishable for it's elongated and pointed tipped nose that closely resembles a sword.

Only found in the warmer, tropical waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Gulf Coast and Indian oceans, this fish can grow to upwards of 15 feet and almost 1,400 pounds. While we may not carry that large amount of fish on hand, swordfish has a mildly sweet taste with moist, meaty texture. To keep with the tropical theme our cooks are grilling the swordfish and topping it with a house made mango butter.  It is then served with roasted edamame, fennel, and artichokes for a light and healthy side dish. Edamame is a vegetable that is traditional to Pacific islanders as a soybean that is harvested prematurely for their high content in proteins, dietary fiber and carbohydrates. With this light and healthy dish in mind, our tropical themed grilled swordfish goes perfect with a night on our patio and a glass of chardonnay with good company.

Grouper Cheeks

Come in today and stuff your cheeks with our cheeks. On special, we are now offering lightly floured grouper cheeks, sautéed and topped with a lemon parsley plugra butter and reggiano parmesan, served over angel hair pasta with roasted asparagus. The butter adds a nice, flavorful touch to the grouper, while the roasted asparagus makes the whole plate come alive!
Grouper cheeks, like most other fish cheeks, are usually the most forgotten part of the fish. People tend to hear of halibut cheeks, but it's rare that one is familiar with grouper. The photo on the right shows how grouper is skinned and the cheek is removed.

The cheek portion tastes just like the rest of the fish but has a flakier texture - somewhat similar to scallops. Grouper cheeks are considered a delicacy of the sea and rightly so. At the Uptown, we are always trying to keep interesting and delicious things on our menu - this entree accomplishes both.

Stop in and get cheeky while you can! They're going fast, because our cheeks are that good.

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