Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

New to our draft selection this week (and just in time for spring) is a beer from Victory Brewing Company. We have brought in their Headwaters Pale Ale. This is a crisp ale with a soft malt base and herbal hop complexity. It has a lemon aroma with the flavor of a tea-like earthiness from the American hops. Fresh spring waters located just miles from the brewery are what makes this beer - and brewing company - so great. Come try a taste of Victory!

Victory Brewing company was founded back in 1996 by childhood friends, Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski. These two had a competitive mindset when it came to what was originally a hobby to them, brewing beer. Each would try to out-do the other in producing these quality craft beers. As their love of brewing grew, along with the experience they gained, they became partners and opened up a brewery in what was once a Pepperidge farm factory in Downtington, Pennsylvania. In its first year alone, they produced over 1,700 barrels of 3 different kinds of beer. The next decade saw great growth as their production increased 10-fold.

When it came to producing their Headwaters Pale Ale, they wanted to feature one of the main building blocks of their beers, the water... which is also what makes this beer so special. The spring waters used in creating this beer are located about a dozen miles from the brewery in the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek. In fact, Victory being blessed with this water, has set up a charity in order to support the environment through what they call the Headwaters Grant. A portion of every bottle sold helps to give back to the environmental groups that protect this watershed.

Headswaters Pale Ale has become Victory's fastest growing brand, and it - along with the brewery - continues to grow. Come taste this refreshing brew!

Click here for more information on the Headwaters Pale Ale.

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