Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekly Specials: Value Meals

During the course of the last few years, the restaurant industry has really seen a change in the types of offers, specials and discounting that many consumers had come accustom to seeing. The $5 special or the 2 entrees for $20 type deals have seemed to pop up (and continue to pop up) all over the place. Because of this, we felt like we had to offer something at a discount and keep pace with the changing environment of how our competition does business. But at the same time, we felt we had to stay true to our selves and what we do best.

When you begin to discount your product, two questions arise. One, how many of the new customers you generate because of this discount will ever be repeat customers without the discount? And two, how many of your current customers will be turned into the customer that only comes in on discount? It really is an interesting topic of debate. There are those who say if you present your product well, you will generate new customers no matter the cost. Then there are those who say once you begin to discount your product that it's almost impossible to stop discounting. If customers know they can get your product at half off, what motivation do they ever have to purchase your product at a higher price? All these arguments circulate our industry on a daily basis.

In an effort to keep pace with the changing times, we do have a weekly specials menu. You won't find any 2 for 1 deals or two 4-course meal options for $20, but what you will find are quality products offered at a true value. These items are priced differently than they would be if they were to be found on our every day menu. We do, after all, have to pay our people too. While we know the prices don't compete with those daily $5 deals amongst others, we do know that the quality of our specials surpasses the quality of the others' prices. The true "value" meal, so to eat.

Our weekly specials (a new one each day) are below:

steak diane, every monday evening
the original red door inn steak diane! 6oz filet mignon medallion. served with mushroom marsala sauce, celery and button mushrooms. Victor approved! available monday evening only after 4pm. 17.75

fish tacos, every tuesday all day

soft flour tortillas filled with panko crusted tilapia, red cabbage, chipotle mayonnaise and mango pineapple black bean salsa 3 for 7.75 or 2.75 each

weiner schnitzel, every wednesday evening

veal cutlet lightly floured and sauteed, served with veal demi glaze, spaetzel and roasted asparagus. available wednesday evening only after 4pm. 12.75

“burger me” every thursday all day
choose any microbrew or bottled beer to accompany a different and enticing burger every week. served with a heaping plate of our housemade fries. all for 10.00.

slow roasted prime rib, every friday and saturday evening
available after 4pm every Friday and Saturday. Our prime rib is slow roasted for several hours and served herb crusted with au jus, mushrooms and your choice of side dish.
12 ounces 21.75  16 ounces 24.75

herb crusted leg of lamb, every saturday evening 

sliced leg of lamb with a mint demi glaze. served with daily mashed potato and seasonal vegetable. available after 4pm every saturday evening 19.75

oscar sunday! every sunday, all day!

every sunday is oscar sunday. choose from the following oscars: new york strip, veal, chicken, grouper or portobello mushroom. Top your choice with asparagus, lump crab and bĂ©arnaise sauce. 12.75 each

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