Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lobster Tail

The chefs in the kitchen are at it again and this time they have delivered something that is slightly off the beaten path of our normal seafood selection.  For a short time we will now have 7oz grilled lobster tail on the menu.  While you may say to yourself "what's so different about 7oz grilled lobster tail?" keep in mind that we are sticking with our summer theme of grilled, light, and healthy. Our chefs are serving it over a plentiful offering of sauteed arugula and grape tomato, surrounded by mini  potato gnocchi in saffron butter. 

While not burdening down the flavor of the main ingredients of this dish with heavy layers of spices, our chefs are using saffron to add a delicate, yet eastern flair to our culinary creation.  Saffron is a very expensive spice that comes from the eastern section of Asia. Usually described as having a slightly honey and earthy taste to it, it is a delicate yet expensive spice, in which, a very little goes a long way due to the intensity of flavor.  The peppery arugula, slightly honey saffron, and the sweetness of freshly grilled lobster tail come together to create the perfect compliments to each other.  But don't take my word for it! Come down and see for yourself when the strong flavors of the East meet the summer sampling of the West.


  1. Magnum's in Oakbrook had a TWO Pound lobster tail several years ago. Just a great memory. Too bad they're no longer in business. Wonder why?

  2. Mombasa, Kenya hunting lodge Very, very sweet and fresh Indian Ocean lobster. Unbelievable.