Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuna Poke

A few months ago, we introduced the tuna poke (pronounced "poh-keh").  A variation of an old favorite - the tuna tower - this unique appetizer features cubed sashimi grade yellow fin tuna, toasted cashews, scallion and cilantro served over sushi rice with fried wontons. (Hint: a handful of fried wontons provide "edible" spoons to consume and share this dish.)

If the sushi part of the description didn't already tip you off, yes... this appetizer is served raw.  In fact, poke (which means "cut piece" or "small piece") are bite-sized pieces of raw fish native to Hawaii.  They are typically blended with several seasonings.

It was thought that early fisherman would cut their fresh catch into cubes and season it with whatever ingredients they had. Most common basic ingredients included sea salt or seaweed. Many grocery stores now offer some variation of this Hawaiian classic.
We like to think that our version is probably the best you'll find this side of the Pacific.  Give it a try... it won't last long!

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