Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gift Cards: Introducing New Packaging

There are always great changes going on around here.  This summer we introduced our new tablet menus, and now we're on to our next venture - gift card packaging.

While we were always happy with our former gift card package, we felt that receiving "just an envelope" as a gift may feel a little lackluster to some.  Luckily, we recently came across gift boxes that allow for our gift cards to literally pop up out of the box once opened.

We felt this raised the bar a little.  As a result, our gift cards have been revamped to be classier and more sophisticated than the old-fashioned stuffed envelopes.

Beautifully embossed with our award winning Uptown logo, these are a great way to surprise anyone with a night on the town featuring a casual, yet elegant dinner.  These boxes are perfect for wrapping or concealing in ways that envelopes just can't live up to.  A must for any occasion, you may put as much or as little as you like on each card depending on the event!

Stop in anytime; visit us at; or call us at 224-4545 to treat friends or family to a delicious Uptown dining experience!

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