Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Griffin House Mentions LaSalle in Travel Blog Interview

Back when Griffin House started playing here in 2006, it was a show that we just happened to take a shot with. Relatively unknown at the time, we enjoyed Griffin's music at the restaurant, and with the advent of the Playlist Theater we decided to give his a show chance. Kind of a stab in the dark -  similar to the upcoming show we have in Andy Frasco.

What we didn't realize at the time was how good Griffin actually was. He has turned out to be one of our best, if not THE best, draws. We also had no idea how much Griffin would come to enjoy our restaurant, our town, and the people that frequent our theater.

It was after his 2nd or 3rd appearance at the Playlist Theater when Griffin started to garner some pretty major notoriety. We were nervous he would soon be too big to play here. It was after one of those appearances where he said, "No matter what happens with my career, I will always make sure I put Uptown Grill on my tour list. I will be back every year." He has held true to that statement and shows no signs of breaking that "verbal agreement." We keep our fingers crossed!

In fact, Griffin has developed relationships with many people from our area and usually takes time out of his busy schedule to plan an event around town while he is visiting.  We apparently are no exception.  When Alexis and I went to see Griffin in Chicago last February - as he was taking photos with some fans - he stopped us and asked the fans if it was okay if he had his friends take the photo. Pretty neat… of all the towns he visits while traveling the country, it's amazing that he remembers a couple of people from a small town called LaSalle.

What we especially appreciate about Griffin is simply that he truly does seem to enjoy our area and our venue. He is very genuine in his comments… as is evident from his recent comments about LaSalle in an interview on a well-received travel blog. Of all the towns in all of the country, he takes time out to mention you and our restaurant. We think that's an incredibly nice salute to what started as a stab in the dark. Read on to see what he had to say:

"Some great towns people may not know about that they should visit are…Ouray, as I mentioned above. Yellow Springs, Ohio is close to where I’m from and is a cool little town. Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts where I met Gayle the woman who introduced me to my wife. Really though, my list is about 200 towns long. LaSalle, Illinois. I play a great show there every year at the Uptown Grill. I love those people."

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