Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pig Pops

We always pride ourselves in coming up with new and exciting dishes that you'll rarely see in any other restaurant in the area. We stay true to this by introducing "pig pops."

Ray discovered these on one of his trips to the west coast and has been feverishly talking a big game about these bite-size eats. Closely resembling a pork shank, these miniature versions are just as tender and delicious as their larger counterpart. With pork being such a strong component in Thai cuisine, we've created a dish that would do any Thai food connoisseur proud.

We've taken our pops and roasted them in a Thai chili barbecue sauce and topped them with a sugar snap pea slaw. The spicy sweet dish keeps the true eastern flavor of Thai food alive by combining it with an uncommonly used pig pop. But don't let us just explain them to you... give them a try and see for yourself!

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