Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Tablet Menu Rollout

This past Tuesday, we went "live" with our new tablet menu. Goodbye paper, major planning, and proofreading over and over (and we still missed something every time).  With these new tablet menus, we can make a change, one item (or one misspelling) at time. In 10 minutes, every single menu is updated.

Now that this project is complete we can give you the "spiel" that we are giving to every table when they are seated. If you want to get ahead of the game, we recorded it here for you. See how it works.........
This is such a game changer. I think we have yet to realize how many different ways it will affect us and you, the customer.

Eric Arsenault, the founder and president of iMenutech was our onsite trainer and installer. We were both watching early Tuesday evening when the first few customers took their quick 30 second training sessions. From a distance, we watched the smile on their faces. The first few tables all had at a least one senior citizen. I was relieved as we watched them swipe away and poke and prod the menu until they found their culinary contentment.

My wife Rita was helping with the introduction and had two different regulars tell her that they always get the same thing and tonight, because of the improved descriptions and graphics on the menu, they actually ordered something different... and liked it!  Eric and I hung around in the background and watched another couple as they each shared a view of the page they were contemplating for their choice. Talk about being interactive!

The first night they were in service - a Tuesday no less - we sold more Artisanal Cheese Samplers on one shift than we have in any shift over eight years. What a difference something like this can make in how a customer perceives your product!

One bit of feedback we got was, "How will I know what the specials are?" We will not have a special page per say. We feel it is better to leave each special in its own food category. We will leave the specials and most current item(s) always at the top of the page. All you have to do is flip pages to see them.

There is one glitch we are working with, and that is how to convey the entire updated menu to you everyday. We are working at getting a daily, fresh copy of the menu on our website. Hopefully within the next few days you can seamlessly see on the web what we seeing on our tablets.  There were also a few minor glitches in the hardware, but after a couple of shifts, it is pretty smooth sailing. Only time will tell how physically durable our menus will be. Three years from now, hopefully tablet prices will have dropped substantially from what they are today.
Looking forward to your comments and serving you better!

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