Thursday, August 22, 2013

White Anchovies Anyone?

Anchovies..... they are a love or hate food relationship. You either like them, or you want to stay far, far away from them. For those that like them (or are daring enough to give them a try), read on.

Fresh anchovies, or those preserved in olive oil or vinegar, can be found in many gourmet supermarkets and restaurants. The current trend finds chefs now using them on menu items such as bruschetta, marinades, tapenades, pastas and stews.

In our efforts to keep with the trends, we have brought in imported white anchovy fillets, or "boquerones," and are serving them as choice to top our traditional Caesar salad or our hail Caesar gourmet burger.  Fresh anchovies are cleaned and placed in a marinade of vinegar and salt water that slowly turn them white. They are then seasoned with garlic, olive oil and parsley. These salty treats sure do enhance any dish that you choose to top it with.
So why the sudden obsession with anchovies?

For centuries, anchovies have been the key ingredient in many dishes around the world, including French, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Many times in these dishes, they are the hidden ingredient that gives it that perfect "natural MSG" touch. Although great accompiaments that we sometimes never know exist in a dish, these salty snacks have evolved into something special.
While still very popular in Europe, they're gaining steam here in the US.  Our country's food education and curiosity continues to grow, and we are becoming more open to trying new ingredients. The anchovy is no different.

You may remember the days as a child when Grandpa or Dad would pull out a tin of anchovies and munch on them as a snack with crackers? I am sure your reaction then was very similar to mine. Well, these mushy salty snacks still exist, but now chefs are highlighting better quality anchovies in many of their dishes.

Stop in and give one of our current anchovy dishes a try.  You may also see them play a bigger role on other specials we feature in the future.  Don't worry, we're sure even Grandpa would approve!

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