Friday, September 27, 2013

Hofbrauhau​s Munchen Oktoberfes​t Beer

As you know, the German Oktoberfest season is among us, and we are currently serving the "area's most authentic" German plate. We had set our goal of preparing over 150 Oktoberfest meals starting this past Sunday, September 22nd and serving until supplies last. With over two-thirds served already, this seasonal featured dish will not be around much longer... so do not miss your chance to experience a German tradition!

Just remember that the food is only half the experience. Enjoying a stein of authentic German beer makes the dish complete, and we are serving a traditional German Oktoberfest from the Hofbrauhaus Munchen brewery.
Hofbrauhaus is a state-owned brewery that is located in the heart of Munich, Germany. It is one of the six ORIGINAL Oktoberfest breweries that is still mastering this brew each year.

Dating back several hundered years, the largest fair and beer festival in the world has taken place for a 16-day food and fun extravaganza. It starts on September 18th and lasts until the first week of October. Every year, over 6 million visitors from all over the world go to Munich to drink beer and eat sausage or other traditional German food favorites.  You can expect to drink beer out of heavy steins and join together in song. The Bavarian festival allows you to link arms with locals, swing to the Oompha of Bavarian bands and admire traditional costumes.

At Uptown, our Oktoberfest season may not last as long, but we will serve the Hofbrauhaus beer in those heavy 20 ounce steins.  Our only hope is that everyone at your table breaks out into German song. It would definitely be an experience we would remember!
So come out this week before our supply is gone, and enjoy this traditional deep golden lager with a creamy malty taste and mild sweetness. Along with the German plate, it is the perfect food and beverage combination that you simply have to experience.
Blog with us: We would love to hear from anyone that has had the TRUE German experience of Oktoberfest in Munich. 

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