Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Housemade Pesto Sauce

You may have noticed that our housemade pesto sauce has appeared in several items on our menu lately.  And let me clarify that this is not your ordinary store bought pesto!
The pesto you find in the store is just not the same as what you will find here. This is who we are. This is what we do. We use only the freshest ingredients possible to bring to your taste buds on each and every visit here. In fact, our pesto is made fresh from scratch almost daily.
So what is pesto exactly? Our chefs begin by hand grinding fresh basil, garlic and pine nuts into a thick paste. Then, using fresh reggiano parmesan and only the finest olive oil, they combine everything into a delicious sauce.
Probably the most frequent menu item featuring pesto is in our housemade focaccia bread found in your daily bread basket. Yep, even this is made in house each day. You can also enjoy our pesto sauce with our butter garlic infused chicken breast entrée, as a topping on our grilled pesto chicken sandwich, on our caprese pizza appetizer, or as a topping on our pasta purses.

The fresh basil flavor mixed with the garlic and reggiano is such a wonderful combination that is the perfect accompaniment to many different items.  Come check out the different menu items we have come up with that feature this Italian favorite. Even Italians would be jealous.
Pesto originated in the Genoa region of Italy back in Roman times and really did not become popular until the 1980s or early '90s. Most pesto, if not made by hand by Italy, is different for many reasons. Here in the U.S., most of it is made by a machine that processes everything into a fine moist paste that does not allow one to taste each ingredient. This is what sets us apart.
Our efforts have always been to introduce fresh ingredients and new ideas to everyone that comes through our doors. Still not convinced? Next time you are in, ask for a small taste. We would be glad to bring a small sample for you to try. Buon Appetito!


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