Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shrimp Rolls

Sushi and other lesser known Asian cuisine have steadily made a rise in American culture over the last ten years.  It seems that more and more sushi bars, pad Thai, or other Asian infused restaurants have been popping up all over the country.

Because we like to be trendsetters (or at least keep up with the latest craze), we are now offering shrimp spring rolls on our menu for a limited time. Made with fresh shrimp, we combine it with freshly sliced nappa cabbage, carrot, scallions, snap peas and mint all wrapped in rice paper with a mustard plum sauce. 

Rice paper is an extremely thin wrapping that is made of white rice flour, tapioca flour, water and salt.  When packaged, it is dried out into stiff white sheets and only becomes pliable when dipped into warm water.  Also when dipped, the paper becomes translucent to show the ingredients inside.

While not your typical fried eggroll that many people are accustomed to, this is an extremely healthy alternative that is the perfect start to any meal.  Light, crisp, and interestingly refreshing... it is perfect with a glass of white wine and warm seasonal weather on the patio!

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