Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seafood Specials: Tuna Poke &
Lemon Pecan Crusted Walleye

Deciding what gets put on the menu and what gets taken off it is one of the more difficult challenges we face around here. No matter what we do, our decisions are always loved or hated by our customers since we like to mix up our menu so often. In turn, we are bringing back one of our most popular dishes to date.

For a short time, the tuna poke will be on our menu. Most closely related to our beloved tuna tower, this is a slight twist on our classic. Freshly cubed sashimi grade yellow fin tuna is mixed with toasted cashews and scallion and cilantro with a light teriyaki glaze and topped with a small amount of fresh caviar. Served over sushi rice and a bed of freshly fried wonton chips, it's the perfect appetizer to begin any meal. Our tuna poke is one of our most asked about dishes when it is not on the menu, and our loyal fan base will come in droves just to have it.

If tuna is not for you, we are also offering a lemon pecan crusted walleye. Our generous portions of 10oz walleye filets are crusted with crushed pecans and lemon for a topping that complements an already light, flaky, and delicate fish. We then serve it with your choice of our freshly steamed vegetables or our roasted brussel sprouts in sweet butter.

While we're positive you'll find something that pleases your palate, we just can't guarantee it will be on the menu for too long. So stop out and give us a try before it's too late!

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