Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Eve Lunch: Serving Until 2:00

Probably very few of you have been here on Christmas Eve lunch. By law, we have to close Christmas Eve, not that I would consider being open. I am not sure what the law says about Christmas Day, but I am not interested in opening, so it makes no difference. Either way, we started being open for Christmas Eve lunch our first year.

For us, just opening for lunch is not profitable. By the time every thing gets set up, it is almost time to start cleaning up. Lunches are not that lucrative. We have always done it mainly to promote holiday cheer and Uptown good will. Some years, we are full with a short waiting list, but most we are not. I can think of several customers that I think have been here on Christmas Eve for every one of our 25 years. Most of the staff remains the same year over year. It is really a pretty fun day to work.

We serve until 2 pm sharp, and then I get the cooks some beers while they finish getting things battened down. All the employees then get to participate in some Christmas cheer. I usually have some friends come down for a "very important meeting." We start a pool for exactly what time that last poor soul comes in for the last gift certificate of the never-ending holiday season. Usually it is right around 3:45. We all tip our glasses and head home.

In the old days, locking up on Christmas Eve was a major relief. December is our busiest month. I would be at work for about 95% of the sales and responsible for every last little bit of it. Being closed the the next day and half meant I was about to get 36 hours off with friends and family, and most important no employees. Bah Humbug.

It was always a strange feeling getting ready to put the key in the door on Christmas Eve. There is a song we have had on our Christmas playlist since day one. It is Willie Nelson's Christmas Blues from the album Pretty Paper. I listen to this song and I think about all the Christmas cheer we have spread throughout the holiday season. The snow is coming down. It is silent outside. Everyone is gone. Now it finally feels like Christmas. Thank You.

It has been a pleasure serving you and yours again this year. Merry Christmas!

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