Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Happy New Year

Does anyone know what day of the week it is..............? With the way the holidaze fell this year, it will take some time to figure things out.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my customers and staff a Happy New Year and big big big THANK YOU!.

The staff did great this year, all year. To top it off,  we served well over 500 people Wednesday night. We had a couple parties wait a short time, but the vast majority were seated as they came in. Food flew out the windows. Service was great. Execution was on display!

Check out the following quick 2 minute video:  We get a little too caught up in the evening so this is the very beginning and the end of the night. This first part is early with less than half of the balloons blown up. The second is in the kitchen for their last rush. Looks pretty good for serving over 500 people.

We were completely full for over four and half hours with almost 50 tables to seat. 15 servers, 12 cooks, 4 dishwashers, 9 bussers, 3 bartenders, 6 hostesses, 2 tanks of helium, and couple thousand ballons. It is always festive occasion.

From a business standpoint, it is probably not a sound decision, but we always want to make an impression on New Year's. Every year it is fun to watch the people as they come in the front door. Some year I need to get a video camera set up just for the kids as the walk in. There are about 100 people that come every year. For some it might be the only time that year. Others might be visiting the area, and some might be driving from a distance just to spend the night with us. It is a definite cross section of our customer base.

Customers, you did even better this year... it was a record year by a long shot. THANK YOU!

Our annual staff Christmas party is Monday evening, so we will be closed but we will be open for lunch.

We are already busy tearing down, cleaning up, end of year, (yuck!) and putting things back to normal.

By the way today is Saturday.

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