Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Draft Beer:
Green Flash 30th Street Pale Ale

New to our draft selection this week (and just in time for spring) is a beer from the Green Flash Brewing Company. We have brought in their 30th Street Pale Ale from this small craft brewer. 

This strong pale ale is well dry-hopped making it taste like an IPA by many hop heads' standards.  Come try a taste of Green Flash. 

Green Flash is relatively new to the beer-producing business. This small craft brewer located in San Diego, California began in 2002 by a team of two former pub owners who wanted to start producing beer of their own. Their idea was to product traditional styles of craft beers but with a more modern twist. I love the idea, because it creates an almost "hybrid" beer like no other. It has to be hard to create something completely different and hope that people will enjoy it. Just like any business, it is about taking that chance on if you will succeed. Green Flash has the confidence to do this, and their signature beers have won numerous awards in recent years.

Their 30th Street is their 6th Anniversary beer. (Apparently they create a different anniversary beer each year.) 30th Street Pale Ale was named to recognize the commitment to local craft beer in this specific part of San Diego. It is an American Pale Ale that is well hopped while not being overly bitter. Come taste this refreshing brew!


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