Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day Specials

Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. Sure, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day can sometimes rival Mother's Day for the #1 title, but most of that business is done in the evening. Mother's Day is a day-long affair. There's not enough time in one shift to show all the mothers their much deserved appreciation.

To celebrate Mother's Day this year, we will be doing our part by offering a variety of specials listed below. Sunday can be a day for a late brunch or a large buffet. But not everyone wants a buffet for a celebration as formal as Mom's Day! And that's where we become the place to be. A nice relaxing sit down meal where we do the work and bring the food to you... and clean too!

Our staff will be hard at work, preparing for a crazy day... so it goes in our industry. In addition to showing our appreciation for Moms, we also recognize and appreciate the sacrifice our staff makes.  When you begin working in a restaurant, it becomes a harsh reality to some that their services will be required on most major holidays. Some people are not cut out for that type of commitment, and it's very easily understood. As a business, you are asking a lot. On the other hand, if this is your business or your job, these are the days that you live for. It is definitely a two-way street.

With that said, we got to thinking about how many Mother's Days in a row some of our staff has worked. Those numbers are in the 20's for some, the teens for some and double digits for others.  We hope that some of you will make a trip to the Uptown a Mother's Day tradition and spend it with our staff members who are more than happy to serve you year after year!

So if you haven't made your plans for Mother's Day yet, click or call to make your reservation today! We are filling up fast.

Mother's Day Specials 
all entrees will be served with horseradish mashed potato and soy glazed sugar snap peas 

roasted boneless pork loin
bourbon demi glaze

slow roasted prime rib 
english cut 
12oz     16oz

boneless leg of lamb 
mint demi glaze

crab and shrimp stuffed sea bass 
orange hollandaise

chocolate covered strawberries 
white and dark chocolate

hummus plate 
avacado, grape tomato, roasted garlic and corn tortilla chips

assorted whitefish and spinach radiatore 
white wine cream sauce with roasted red & yellow tomato

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  1. We typically come to Uptown every Mother's Day as it is my mom's favorite place to go on her day, especially when the weather permits us to sit outside. The specials are always fantastic and we always go overboard on spending on the whole, but it is sooo worth it! One of my mom's favorite beverages to enjoy on Mother's Day at Uptown is the Mint Julep...the crushed ice is perfect and the taste is so good. This year we will be celebrating on Saturday night - reservations are made - and I am looking forward to it as well. Uptown is also my favorite restaurant to go to; I never complain about Mom wanting to eat here on Mother's Day!!