Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taste the Victory:
New Beers on Draft

As the warmer weather comes full swing, the palates of beer drinkers change as well. The darker, deeper full-bodied brews are replaced for lighter, fruitier characteristics. We are introducing a few new beers from the Victory Brewing Company that will be sure to please your palate.

Victory Golden Monkey is a Belgian style Tripel that is brewed with whole flower European hops and coriander seed. The richness of these imported hops and Belgian yeasts show considerable depth of character but provide an overall lighter body. Be careful, sitting at 9.5% ABV, this beer is not for the lightweights.

What is a Tripel? The name "Tripel" actually comes from the brewing process. Brewers use up to three times the amount of malt than a standard Trappist ale.  Traditionally, Tripels are bright yellow to gold in color, which is a shade or two darker than the average Pilsener. Head should be big, dense and creamy. Sweetness comes from both the pale malts and the higher alcohol. The lighter body comes from the use of Belgian candy sugar (up to 25% sucrose), which not only lightens the body, but also adds complex alcoholic aromas and flavors. Small amounts of spices are sometimes added as well. Tripels are actually notoriously alcoholic, yet the best crafted ones hide this character deceivingly, making them wonderful sipping beers.

Victory Brewing company was founded back in 1996 by childhood friends Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski. These two had a competitive mindset when it came to what was originally a hobby to them, brewing beer. Each would try to out-do the other in producing these quality craft beers. As their love of brewing grew, along with the experience they gained, they became partners and opened up a brewery in what was once a Pepperidge Farm factory in Downtington, Pennsylvania. In its first year alone, they produced over 1,700 barrels of 3 different kinds of beer. The next decade saw great growth as their production increased 10-fold.

Also, keep your eye out for Victory Summer Love golden ale. This traditional summer beer is brewed with German hops and a pale malt blend. This brew creates a refreshing taste of summer. A lighter ale with hints of lemon and citrus makes this beer perfect for the season. You will find this on draft in the next week or two, so be sure to check our draft beer selection weekly.

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