Thursday, August 14, 2014

Playlist Theater Starts Back Up Sept. 13
Get your tickets now for "The Brothers"

It seems like it has been forever since our last show. We announced this back in the late winter, but now I would like to grab your attention because this is a show you will not want to miss!

The Brothers Comatose
Saturday, September 13   |   8:00 pm  |  Tickets $25 General Admission

Last year, I was at a hippy music festival on the West Coast and ran into these guys for the second time, only to find out that my favorite agent handles them. I fell in love with their music. They are infectious.

The nearest comparison I could come up with is the Brother's Avett with a little more of a bluegrass twist. In their show, they could have as much energy as our other recent West Coast find, Andy Frasco.

It will be a fun show, I can promise you. I can also advise you that if you have anyone younger that you want to introduce to our space, this would be a good show. The shows that I have seen... they younger crowd is enthralled with them! Please see the picture at left.

They only make it to the Midwest once a year, and I did not want to miss them. Just for a touch more credibility - since we have booked them, they were picked up by SPACE in Evanston and Shank Hall in Milwaukee, two other very solid venues.

The show is on a Saturday so it will not interfere with your Friday night lights. It starts a 8pm, so you have lots of time for dinner before, or even after.

For a touch of the Brothers Comatose "flavor," check out the videos listed below:

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