Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Don't Treat Me Like a Piece of Meat:
Cauliflower Steak

Now that I have your attention...

We are treating it like a piece meat. We are featuring something a little different, and you don't have to be a veggie lover to love this.

Sometimes it is difficult to add flavor and keep a dish on the healthier side. We do have to use a little extra virgin olive oil and some Parmesan cheese when we grill this steak. Now that our heirloom tomatoes have reached their peak in flavor, we use them in a tomato caper relish as a great topping. Add a little garlic and the smoke from roasting... it could be better than a steak and much better for you!

If you like your meat and vegetables, you can always top it with several choices of meat or protein. This cauliflower steak is totally customizable. Add your choice of salmon burger, seared tuna, fried or herb marinated chicken breast, crab cake, veggie burger, portobello mushroom or my choice - a double order of WHITE ANCHOVIES. hmmmmm

We won't treat you like a piece a meat. While supplies last.... 6 dollars plus your choice of topping.

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