Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Few New Beers to Enjoy

Our beer selection grew a bit this past week, as we have added 3 new bottled beers to our menu. Although there's nothing new yet to announce on draft, we have 2 new beers from Lagunitas and a Belgian Trappist ale that has also been on our list of must haves.

Originally founded in Petaluma, California 
back in 1993, Lagunitas Brewery is one we've been trying to bring in for several months now... and finally succeeded. Over the years, they have done a tremendous job in creating heavily hopped craft beers and are of one of the fastest growing breweries in the United States. Just this year, they've opened a brewhouse in Chicago. Good news for us, because now this beer has become available for us to bring in.

The two beers we have started with are Lil Sumpin' Sumpin' ale and New Dogtown Pale Ale. LIttle Sumpin' Sumpin is available year round and is a filtered pale wheat ale with a strong hop finish that is great for both IPA and wheat beer fans. New Dogtown is a boldly flavored pale ale that is a golden, amber-colored beer with an assertive, grassy hop aroma.

We have also brought in a renowned Belgian Brown Ale. It is from Rochefort Brewery in Belgium. It is located inside the Abbey of Notre Dame de Saint-Remy, near the town of Rochefort. It has been brewing beer since 1595.

There are approximately 15 monk residents at the monastery. As with all Trappist breweries, the beer is only sold to financially support the monastery and some charitable causes. These beers age well and can be cellared for at least 5 years while maintaining quality. The water for the beers is drawn from a well located inside the monastery wall.

Rochefort produces 3 Trappist beers. 6, 8 and 10. We carry the 8, their most popular brew. It is a yellowish-brown color with a lot of fruit. Originally this beer was only brewed for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Due to the overwhelming success of this beer, the monks decided around 1960 to brew it on a regular basis. Sometimes this beer is also referred to as the “Special.” It is 9.2% alcohol and a $12 bottle of beer.

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