Thursday, October 16, 2014

Butternut Squash Risotto &
Lemon Sole Filet with Chorizo Butter

Au Revoir to the light, easy-going meals of the summer. The grills can be put away for the season; the sun sets early; and jackets are finally being uncovered from deep within our closets.  Say Bonjour to the seasonal dishes scheduled to join our menu in the coming days.  
First on the lineup is a butternut squash and saffron risotto with crispy pancetta. This traditional Italian pasta dish is modified for the season with the addition of butternut squash. The sweetness of the squash and the savoriness of the risotto combines with the crisp pancetta to allow us to explore all ranges of flavor and consistencies in one seasonal dish. It moves away from the lighter dish of summer and finds its territory in the "comfort foods" category. 

Moving on, we'll also be featuring a fresh fish entree. For a limited time - due to the

seasonality of various types of fish - we'll be serving a fresh filet of sole with lemon and chorizo butter. Sole is most closely relate to the flounder. It has a mild taste with a firm texture. We broil it to perfection with fresh lemons and top it with a chorizo butter.

Chorizo is a slighty spicy Spanish sausage. We feel that featuring chorizo as the main ingredient of the butter provides a great seasoning to the fish rather than adding extra spices to overpower it. But you'll have to come check these out yourself because the fish season will change within a matter of weeks, and so will the weather.

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