Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Linger with Us: Port Wines

According to Webster, the term lingering is defined as: "to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave." These cold winter nights are a perfect time to linger, hang out, and enjoy the company of family or friends... and we hope you choose us as your destination to do so!

Catch up from the crazy summer in the comfort of our cozy dining room, complete with a festive holiday atmosphere. There is no better way to spend a cold evening than to enjoy a nice warm meal and finish it off with one of our amazing desserts or a glass of port wine.

When looking at a percentage of total sales, port wines are near the bottom of our list. A lot of people forget about this classic after-dinner drink or dessert wine. Our menu offers more than 7 different port wines to choose from.

What exactly is a port? Port wine is typically a sweet red wine that is generally richer, fuller bodied and possesses a higher alcohol content than most other wines from Portugal. This is caused by the addition of grape spirits or brandy during the fermentation process. These wine grapes are smaller and denser that produce more concentrated and longer lasting flavors during its aging.

Ports are aged in either glass bottles or wooden barrels. Obviously, the flavors are different in each. Sealed glass bottles will cause the wine to lose its color at a very slow rate and become very smooth and less tannic. Wooden casks allow some oxygen in and they lose their color at a faster pace. These "tawny" ports will have more intense flavors. According to industry trends, tawny ports are becoming more and more popular.

Here is a list of our ports to choose from:

  • churchill's reserve 
  • cockburn special reserve 
  • quinta nova lbv 
  • sandeman ruby
  • sandeman 20 yo tawny
  • taylor fladgate tawny
  • graham's 10 yo tawny

Like I mention above, this after-dinner drink is often forgotten, and many people are unsure what pairs best with these classics.

Here are a few suggestions....... 

On special this week, we are featuring a house made bread pudding. Our bread pudding made with brandied apples and cranberries is topped with caramel sauce and vanilla bean gelato. Our chefs have created this comfort food masterpiece that would complement a port wine perfectly.

Or for all you cheese lovers, port wine and bleu cheese are a match made in heaven. On our sampler, Cantar de Covadonga is a blue-veined soft cheese made from a blend of meticulously selected cow's and sheep's milk. It is white, crumbly but very creamy, and slightly moist with distinctive blue veins generously spread through the heart of the cheese. Enjoying a ruby port wine with this full flavored bleu would be the perfect end to my night!

Make the most of your evening by paying a visit to the Uptown. Enjoy your night out by lingering with family or friends and give a port wine a try.

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