Friday, January 9, 2015

Duck Confit Tacos, Mussels and Linguini, and Lemon Sole

The holidays are finally over, and everyone around here can definitely tell.  A few weeks back we announced that our New Year's Eve menu would showcase lobster in many different ways. In one day (coincidentally being our busiest day of the year), we sold over 60 lobster tails in a span of 8 hours!  In turn we have to give our menu a complete overhaul of specials, and we're pretty excited for these newcomers.  

Pan Fried Lemon Sole 
First is a pan fried lemon sole filet.  Our 10 ounce filet is lightly breaded and pan fried to create the perfect crispiness without getting a deep fried fish consistency. It is then topped with a housemade lemon parsley butter. Sole, a flatfish most commonly mistaken as flounder, is an extremely mild and flaky fish when cooked.  It is a popular fish in many cooking styles due to the fact that the fish is nowhere close to overpowering any of the flavors in the dish.
Mussels and Linguini 
Next on the lineup is another seafood dish that isn't found very often in our area.  Our chefs have come together to create a fresh twist on mussels with linguini.  We steam fresh mussels with fennel and celery in a housemade smoked paprika broth. The fresh, never frozen mussels are then poured over linguini and served with a housemade toasted foccacia breadstick.  When you first smell this dish as it's presented to you, it will instantly remind you of a steam bake made famous by the New England tradition.  The warm and crunchy breadstick to soak up the remaining broth is just a bonus to a dish that screams "comfort food."  
Duck Confit Tacos 
Finally, and arguably our most exotic new special, is a duck confit taco with a chipotle apricot salsa.  Shredded duck confit (pronounced con-fee) is a French cooking term for taking a salt cured meat - traditionally duck - and frying it in it's own fat. In turn, the duck becomes easily shred-able, much like an American version of pulled pork.  It is then placed in a fried white corn tortilla shell and topped with tomato, avocado, shredded fennel and a housemade chipotle-apricot salsa.  This dish is a perfect mixture of sweet and savory with just a splash of heat for a south of the border twist. 

The cold weather may have everyone hunkered down and preparing for the worst - at least that's how most schools are taking it these days - but we're positive you won't want to miss these dishes.  And much like our lobster tails, we can guarantee these won't be around for long. So if you're looking for a reason to venture out into the cold, I just gave you three perfect examples.  Dine in, or carry out - your choice.  Either way we're sure that these dishes will warm you right to the core.

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