Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Burger Me Thursday Weekly Special

The hamburger is an American food staple that has seen nearly every imaginable alteration in its history. I recently spotted an article that discussed the different styles of burgers originating from different regions of the U.S. It got me thinking about our very own weekly burger special.

Each Thursday is your chance to try out a gourmet burger creation and wash it down with a cold one for only 10 bucks.  It has been four years since we have started this idea, and we continually strive to bring new and interesting combinations to put on the bun.

So how did the burger get its start?  There are many claims to who created this sandwich and where. Some say it is traced to Otta Kuase in Hamburg, Germany; however, doesn't that seem too ironic? Others say that it was first created right here in the USA in 1900 by Louis Lassen in New Haven, Connecticut. I think this makes more sense. This comfort food has America written all over it.

Over the course of the last 115 years, many people from all areas of the country have come up with different ideas and combinations to make these patties taste so great. Quite honestly, even though some seem a little odd, try it and you will almost shrug your shoulders with a mouthful mumbling..."not bad." 

Each week, a handful of Uptown chefs and managers brainstorm for new ideas and combinations of our own. Some are variations of the classics.  Some begin with one ingredient, building toppings as we go.  Others are so off the wall that we must question whether the flavor combo will really sell.  But as I said, most people end up trying it and liking it.  At $10, can you really go wrong?

A group of our Thursday regulars don't seem to think so.  Where else can you order an interesting 1/2 pound concoction alongside a side of fries, chips or honey-lime cole slaw with the choice of any 16 oz microbrew or bottled beer for only $10?  At that price, it's a steal.  And our repeat Hamburglers know they're getting a terrific meal you just won't find elsewhere!

That doesn't stop our competition from trying though.  It seems as if others in the area have latched onto the burger trend as well... we often find that our burger ideas end up on other menus!

Just remember, the original "Burger Me Thursday" is offered right here at the Uptown Grill every Thursday.  And although we do get stumped once in a while and recycle an old flavor combo, our concepts are generally new and unique each week.  

Come down and try our versions of this American food classic.  And for those of you unable to get here on a given Thursday, we do want you to be able to enjoy our creations.  We'll continue to feature that week's flavor on our menu throughout the week that follows... just not at the special Thursday price. 

Hamburglers unite!  Which has been your favorite specialty burger?

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