Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Corn on the Cod

Mild and flaky, cod is a popular seafood selection among area restaurants. Usually served broiled or fried, we've kicked our selection up a notch.

We hope you'll enjoy the creativity we bring to this dish: cod on the corn.
It's a little quirky, but the name pretty much speaks for itself. And, although you'll notice the cod is actually on the corn rather than the "corn on the cob," we thought this name had a nice little ring to it.

Corn is a great vegetable pairing for other mild seafood flavors like crab and lobster.  It was only fitting to give cod a try.

We take a baked ginger crusted 10 ounce cod filet and serve it over sauteed corn, shiitake mushrooms, and scallions. Topped with a miso coconut broth, the mild flavor of the seafood pairs well with the sweet ginger and broth combination.

This entree joins a handful of other seafood specials introduced last week in time for the Lenten season. But unlike the others, you won't have to wait until Friday to try it out. This cod special is available all day, every day.

Just another example of how we take an "ordinary" food and and turn it into extraordinary... come down this week and give cod on the corn a try!

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