Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues

This coming week, we will be adding a new draft beer to our selection. As craft beers are becoming more and more popular, it is quite interesting to discover these wonderful microbrews. If you read last weeks newsletter, Josh wrote an article that listed best craft breweries in the country from A-Z. Oskar Blues was the top listing under the letter "O."

Each month, we hope to bring a new beer to our list, and I just happened to stumble upon the Oskar Blues Brewery while searching for beer to fill our next open handle. This brewery will be a completely new addition to our list, and we are excited to tap our first keg of their most popular brew... Dale's Pale Ale. 

Oskar Blues Brewery initially opened as a restaurant back in 1997 in Longmont, Colorado. A few years later, founder Dick Dale Katechis began brewing beer in the restaurant basement. They have since expanded by adding another brewery in North Carolina.

The first beer produced by Dick was Dale's Pale Ale. This creation was first brewed in his bathtub while attending Auburn University.  Although labeled as an American pale ale, some say Dale's is a cross between traditional pale ale and an India pale ale.  The result of an American dream, this 6.5% ABV beer is brewed year round and is packaged in a colorful red, white and blue can... yes, can.

A few years after their initial launch, Oskar Blues became one of the first to put craft beer in aluminum cans and have done so ever since. (Remember - light is bad for beer, so storing in an aluminum can keeps light out and the beer fresher for longer.)

Obviously served on tap here, Dale's Pale Ale is the perfect complement to an all-American hamburger.  So keep this new craft selection in mind to pair with any of our gourmet burgers featured each and every Thursday.

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