Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fish Tacos Replace Shrimp

By: Ryan Anderes                                                                               
Alright, alright, alright!  You've spoken... we've listened.

The fish tacos are back on the menu where they belong and where they will remain!

We think we do a pretty good job at hearing feedback - whether from customers, staff members or both. It was during Lent that we were receiving many compliments on the quality of our marix marinated shrimp tacos and even fielded several comments that said they needed to be placed on the daily menu.

So, in our typical effort to change things up and keep it fresh, we tried to place the marix marinated shrimp tacos on our menu and use it as our daily Taco Tuesday special where you receive 3 tacos for $10. To do this, we had to remove the fish tacos, as our line is only efficient enough to handle one high selling taco item.

While the shrimp tacos were generally well received, the wrath we received for taking off the fish tacos was of something that rivaled the infamous "shroomie groupies!" I think we even had a few employees threaten to stop showing for work until they were put back on the menu.

The saying, "you only want what you can't have," never seemed to ring so true.

So away go the shrimp tacos and back come the fish tacos.  Our (apparently famous) three soft flour tortillas are filled with panko crusted whitefish, shredded red cabbage, mango, strawberry, red pepper, cilantro and scallion topped with wasabi cream and ginger soy glaze. Served with freshly fried corn tortilla chips and housemade adobo sauce, these are available every day on our regular menu.

We also offer a special deal on Tuesday nights - something we created and others copy - Taco Tuesday. You can get 3 fish tacos (dine-in, at the bar or carry-out) or $10. We like to think the value is only rivaled by our Burger Me Thursday deal.

So there it is.  You Facebooked us; you emailed us; you called us; you cornered us in public; you yelled at us... and most of us around here are happy you did!

The panko crusted fish tacos are back!

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