Thursday, June 18, 2015

Servers Count Steps

by Megan Considine

When you go out to eat, have you ever stopped and thought about how fast everyone seems to be moving? If the answer in your head was “no, I guess I haven't” or “no, not really,” we can't blame you! (Your only job when you go out to eat is to enjoy yourself, your company, and your meal.)

We don't expect you to consider how many steps a server, bartender or hostess takes. In fact, sometimes in all the hustle and bustle of a busy shift, we even fail to notice just how fast our fellow staff members are moving. Not anymore, thanks to Fitbit!

Fitness trackers, step counters, and good ole pedometers have been around for years... that's no secret.  But in 2013, consumers not only wanted to know how much they were walking while exercising, they also wanted to know how much they were walking while going about their daily lives.

Consumers asked; Fitbit listened.  In a little over two years, Fitbit has sold over 15.4 million bands. Of the 15.4 million sold, 9.5 million are still registered as active users. The Fitbit company has made quite a profit off of the health and fitness-conscious individuals of the world. This device fits nicely on one's wrist and tracks water intake, steps taken, bathroom breaks and sleep. It beeps at you when you haven't met the healthy amount of these categories.

To add even more appeal, Fitbit can also be synced to any phone or mobile device. The intent was to make people more aware of their habits and motivate them to improve their health. Now you'll find people who battle their friends and compete over who's walked more. It's a healthy craze that is sweeping the nation.

So what does this have to do with the Uptown?  A large number of our servers have been seen sporting these bands during the workday.

I figured that since servers spend all day on their feet walking to the front desk, their tables, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bar, the basement, the coolers and the drink station (and back!), they probably beat me in my day-to-day steps. I was right.

A server who works an eight-hour shift walks approximately 12,000 steps (when 10,000 is the normal amount in a 24hour period). A server who works an average shift of four to six hours walks 10,087 steps... that's the equivalent of climbing the Aon Oil Tower in Chicago 6.3 times or climbing the Sears (Willis) Tower 4.8 times! Crazy isn't it?!

What's even crazier is that most of our servers work doubles - lunch and dinner shifts straight through.  Most of them do banquets or concerts; most have other jobs on top of Uptown; and all of them take turns staffing the late shifts turning their 4 hour shift into 7. Our servers certainly work hard while they are here, and I am one to admit I had no idea!

Whatever brings you in next, know that our servers are committed to taking as many steps as it takes to make sure you have a good experience while you're here!

We count on you to keep them on their toes... literally.

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