Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Reservations Made Easy:
An Online Tutorial

by Ryan Anderes

The summer is a very welcome time for those of us at the Uptown. We are able to utilize our lovely outside dining area; the weather is usually pretty decent (hey, at least it's not snowing); and for us, the summer usually means an uptick in business.

This time of year we see a huge increase in the amount of customers who either find us for the first time while visiting the area or who plan their trips around stopping in LaSalle. One could say tourism is booming.

Because of that, most days this time of year are busy. But some days cross the threshold of busy and delve into the insanely busy classification. It is part of what makes staffing a restaurant, with our seating capacity, a very difficult thing.

We can only plan our schedule for expected business based upon local events, past dates' business and sales history... and of course THE MOST IMPORTANTthe day's reservations. 

We just wanted to take a brief moment to remind you how easy it is to book a reservation online.

You can do this with your morning coffee, or you can have the person sitting in the passenger seat do it as you travel towards LaSalle.  Either way, it takes less than a minute. And there's no need to call and be put on hold.

Click, click, click. It's THAT easy. Let us show you how:

Visit our website at

Click on our gift card/reservations tab, then the red and silver "RESERVE NOW" button on the left.

Select the date - select the time - select the number of guests in your party.

The software will show you the available reservations for the party size around your requested time. Reservations may be open exactly at your requested time, or you may have to compromise 15 minutes earlier or later based upon availability.

Either way, select the available time slot that fits your schedule.

On the left just verify that the date, time and number of guests are accurate.

On the right, fill in your information and simply click the "CONFIRM RESERVATION" button.

You are done. The confirmation page confirms the details of your reservation.

You also receive an email from our Yelp SeatMe reservation software where you can:
1.) edit or change your reservation
2.) cancel your reservation
3.) add the reservation to your social calendar
4.) get directions to us
5.) download the Yelp smartphone app and write us a nice review after your visit

See, wasn't that easy?  What's better than knowing in advance whether a table is open... and having the peace of mind that it will be held for you when you arrive?

Give it a try for yourself:


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