Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ace Perry Hard Cider

by Jim Lannen

As the weather starts to turn, so do our palates. And before you know it, we're introducing new drinks to usher in the season. A light and refreshing hard cider is a nice choice this time of year with Autumn just around the corner. (And just to clarify, alcoholic ciders are often referred to as "hard ciders" to differentiate them from a traditional, nonalcoholic cider also popular during the fall season.) 

Cider sales have grown quickly in the last few years and are a popular alternative to beer or wine. We have brought in a pear cider from California Cider Company that you'll have to check out next time you are in. 

One of the first hard cider companies formed in the country after the Prohibition, the California Cider Company formed back in 1993 in Sebastopol, California (Sonoma County).  They are home to several award-winning ciders, and their product line, Ace Ciders, comes in a variety of different flavors.

We are introducing their Hard Perry, which is actually a pear cider. Perry is a pure, clean and refreshing pear cider that received 1st place in the 2013 Great International Beer and Cider competition in the "Fruit Cider" category.

Made from both apple and pear juices, Hard Perry has become Ace's signature variety. After 10-14 days of fermentation and 4 rounds of cold filtering, this is one refreshing beverage. This is not a heavy, syrupy hard cider that you tend to see out there. 

Here is one review that I felt describes it well:
"It pours a lovely clear, pale gold color with a thin white head that disappears quickly. The bubbles remain, though, and a very pleasant champagne-like carbonation sparkles on the tongue. It has a very light mouthfeel and no feeling of alcohol warmth. The pear flavor lingers on in the finish."

Come give Ace a shot this week, and experience this pear cider for yourself!

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