Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Drink Specials

by Jim Lannen

As we approach the dog days of summer, cool off with one of our refreshing new cocktails!  Fresh ingredients continue to be a hot trend, and our creative mixologists have found some fun new ways to incorporate them into some cool, seasonal sippers.

Give these new drink menu additions a taste:

Cucumber Cilantro Margarita
Over the years, the classic margarita has evolved into all kinds of different flavors. Sure, you can find the simple margarita made from the same recipe for the last 30 years on our drink menu.  But this week, we introduce a refreshing alternative. Our bartenders take fresh cucumber, cilantro and sugar and muddle it to release their flavors and aroma. Mix this with the Cazadores silver tequila and Countreau, and there you have it... a refreshing summer cocktail!

Hendricks Mule
The story of the Moscow Mule's creation has become a legend. However, t
he year this cocktail sensation debuted is disputed.  Some say it was created after World War II, and others argue that it was created pre-WWII. A man by the name of John G. Martin of Heublein Inc. - an East Coast spirits and food distributor - is given majority credit for creating the Moscow Mule. At a time when gin was the dominant choice in spirits, Martin combined Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer and a copper mug to create this classic.

Whether it's a seasonal favorite or something new to experience, this drink's ingredients scream of summer! We have reverted back to the ever-popular gin to create our version... Hendrick's Gin to be specific. One of the hottest premium gins of our time, this mule is a can't miss!

Hard Raspberry Lemonade
Fresh is the key when it comes to a good lemon shakeup, and we do just that. Y
ou won't find bottled, canned, or fountain lemonade from a soda gun here.  Our recipe has been the same for over 30 years, and it has always been made from scratch.

We have stayed true to the "carnie" experience by squeezing each lemon and shaking vigorously with each drink ordered. It takes roughly 43 vigorous shakes to fully dissolve the sugar with the fresh lemon juice. The frothy head is what adds to the experience. This week, we take it a step further by combining Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey and Chambord raspberry liqueur with our classic to create the perfect adult shakeup!

Cool Mint Martini
Cool mint sounds refreshing by itself.... but throw in some alcohol, and you really get to relax! We mix chocolate mint vodka, white creme de menthe and light cream and serve it on the rocks. Another great cocktail to refresh the palate!

Next time you stop in, check out our drink page and choose from our vast selection of fresh and fun cocktails!

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