Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BBQ Ribs & Pork Filet Medallions

From the BBQ-n-Blues event this Friday night to the Jazz Fest on Saturday, it's shaping up to be one busy weekend!

But we're adding to the fun on First Street. In honor of the rib cook-off, the Uptown is showcasing a full slab of baby back ribs smothered with a housemade bacon barbecue sauce.

We're sure there is going to be some tough competition going on out on the street, but we can guarantee ours are finger lickin' good!

If ribs are a little too messy for you, but you've still got a taste for barbecue, consider our applewood bacon-wrapped pork filet medallions. We start with 10 ounces of pork filet medallions wrapped in bacon and grill them to perfection before they are served over a bordelaise sauce. Bordelaise is a rich, classic French, red wine sauce consisting of bone marrow, butter, shallots and a dry red wine. In a sense, you could think of it as a fancy barbecue sauce.

Start off either one of these entrees with a terrific fried mushroom and vidalia onion appetizer. A mix of portobello, button, shiitake and oyster mushrooms are deep fried with vidalia onion petals and served with a housemade aioli. A curious mix of different mushroom varieties, this appetizer is the perfect finger food (and a nice break from BBQ overload)!

The weekend may be busy, but we've made dinner easy! Hopefully all of you stop down and have a swinging time during the Jazz Fest.  And don't forget that all the action is literally right outside our front door!

Stop in and see us (and get one of the first glimpses of our updated bar and front entrance)!

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