Thursday, October 8, 2015

Elijah Craig Bourbon

A few weeks back, you may have read Nelena's blog article about the "whiskey tree." She offered some great insight on where some of America's finest bourbons and whiskeys come from. And with that, she offered some suggestions on what to try... including a new one we've just added to our menu.

This week, Nelena's top choice, Elijah Craig has made our list.

Now certainly, we realize that everyone has a different palate and therefore a different opinion on what is best. However, I know I could sure use a suggestion or two when I sit down to order a drink.  And I agree that this new bourbon is one you don't want to miss.

As Nelena's article describes Elijah Craig:
One of the best bourbons that is always available. No waiting in lines. No getting on a list. It's ready to be enjoyed by the first timer and the experienced whiskey buff alike. It's a twelve-year-old bourbon named after the man who started it all, the reverend Elijah Craig. As the story goes, Craig was the first to age the white liquor in charred oak barrels and give it the color we see today in whiskeys.

Distilled by the Heaven Hill distillery company based out of Bardstown, Kentucky, this bourbon is named in honor of Reverend Elijah Craig, who was a preacher, teacher and entrepreneur back in the late 1700's in Kentucky. Some say he was the originator of bourbon whiskey due to his work and founding of a distillery in 1789.

Today, Heaven Hill produces over 6 different bourbons that have a minimum 12 year age. We have brought in their original, small batch bourbon to try. In fact, they claim the term "small batch" before the term ever existed.

This is not your high dollar, $100 bottle of bourbon. This is a value bourbon that tastes just as good - if not better - than the expensive stuff. Here is what you will experience....

vanilla and caramel up front with undertones of aged oak. aromas of orange zest and citrus

maple and caramel followed by rye. then age comes through at the end with strong notes of oak and bitters

very long and powerful as mentioned above. oak, pepper, and cinnamon linger

I'd recommend you savor this over an ice ball, allowing it to chill to the proper temperature. 
Come give our new Elijah Craig a try!

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