Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Colors at Starved Rock:
A Must See

by Ryan Anderes

Living in the Illinois Valley, we have some of the most beautiful scenery around. As fall begins, Mother Nature gives us one last spectacular show of color before the dreary, dull, white-winter months consume us. The foliage becomes a display of natural fireworks bursting with beautiful colors. The small peaks and valleys are quite full with an array of color.

And to me, the weather this weekend - forecasted to be in the upper 50's - is the absolute perfect weather for a fall hike. Just enough of a chill in the air to soak in the last remaining days of fall foliage.

But what causes these beautiful colors during this time of year? When the temperature falls, trees shut down their production of chlorophyll and the trapped glucose in the leaves brings out the beautiful oranges, yellows and reds. It becomes quite tranquil to sit and look around. With all the gadgets and gismos of this high-tech world, this is a perfect time to get away and follow the colors of the natural beauty of our area. No GPS needed. Follow the colors. Make a day of it... the Illinois Valley has tremendous amounts of this natural artwork.

Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks are very popular and wonderful destinations to get the full array of fall colors. The area around Starved Rock has been highly rated as "must see" places to visit this time of year. The overlooks along the Illinois River offer beautiful views and great photos. This weekend - October 17th and 18th - is considered Fall Colors Weekend throughout the park. Guided hikes and tours to see the best views will be given throughout the day.

Just remember, your day will not be complete without lunch or dinner at the Uptown. The drive from here to the park is filled with the colorful foliage as well. Treat yourself to the natural beauty of our area, and while you are out sightseeing, stop in and see our new look as well!

Starved Rock will be very crowded this weekend, but very much worth the trip. Once you are done with your hiking adventures, get away from the crowd and come see us. We will be open Saturday from 11am until 11pm and on Sunday from Noon until 10pm. May we suggest some adventures as rated by Starved Rock...

Best Illinois River View
from the top of Starved Rock, from Lover's Leap and Eagle Cliff

Best Canyon and Cave Combo
Ottawa Canyon and Council Overhang 

Best Photo of a Canyon Entrance
French Canyon 

Best Sand Boulders and Cave Walls
St. Louis Canyon

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