Thursday, October 8, 2015

Free Range Chicken Over Baby Kale & Sunchoke

by Josh Theisinger

Our menu changes regularly (as most of you know), but you'd be surprised how much variety we need at all times - even during lunch. Not everyone wants a chicken or pork tenderloin, and a normal house salad doesn't always cut it.

So instead, we're offering something a little different that will have even the most mildly health conscious consumer raving. We start with a bed of baby kale tossed with a housemade balsamic vinaigrette. It is then topped with a grilled free range chicken breast (no added preservatives or bi-products here) that is rubbed down with a simple marinade of salt, cracked black pepper, and grapeseed oil before being tossed with salemville blue cheese, blanched almonds and fresh raspberries.

Last but not least, we add a topping of sunchoke chips. Served baked (not fried), these chips have a distinct flavor of artichokes that is just a touch sweeter and milder.

The sunchoke (aka the "Jerusalem Artichoke") is a member of the sunflower family. Found mostly in the Northeastern parts of the United States and Canada, these tubors look much like a fresh ginger root. While high in iron and potassium, these roots contain zero carbohydrates. Due to their lack of carbs and a consistency similar to that of a potato, the sunchoke is often dubbed the "potato for diabetics."

A flavorful salad that pulls double duty as an entree, this dish is great for anyone with dietary restrictions or those in search of a healthy alternative to the norm. Moving forward, our chefs will continue to be mindful of the ever-changing dietary needs that have become more and more common.

Whether this ranges from salads to appetizers to entrees, you can bet that not even desserts will be overlooked. Stay tuned for a bit more variety that allows you to indulge in a variety of foods (including sweet treats) without worrying about the lasting repercussions!

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