Thursday, October 15, 2015

St. Michael - Eppan Lagrein

by Jim Lannen

Lagrein. Have you ever tried this varietal? In our quest to bring you new, interesting wines of the world, you can now order Lagrein by the glass.

If you are looking for a medium bodied red, yet want to try something different, this may be the wine for you. Lagrein is a deep, ruby red where you will taste the flavors of cherry and blackberry. This wine is fermented in stainless; however it matures in oak for over 8 months. This adds spices reminiscent of the wine styles syrahs, shiraz and cote de rhones. Overall, it's full of tannins and features a ton of fruity, earthy tones.  

This wine varietal comes to us from the St. Michael -Eppan winery in Italy that has quite a long history. St. MIchael-Eppan winery has called the South Tyrol wine growing region home for over a century. The Lagrein grape, dating back to the 14th century, is native to South Tyrol and primarily grown there.

The Eppan region in Italy has been producing some amazing wines for many years. Lagrein is unique in that both red and rose wines are made from it.  Most of you have probably never even heard of this varietal, so stop down and give it a try. 

Keep your eye out for more new wines being added to our list in the next few weeks. We recently sat down with our wine distributor and tasted some great wines... there could be over a dozen or more new additions to our list!

There will definitely be something to please all our preferred styles, so stay tuned!

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