Thursday, November 19, 2015

Blackened Duck Breast

by Josh Theisinger

This week, our chefs are cooking up an old favorite: blackened duck breast.

Now, I wish I could say I'm dating myself a bit by referencing this former staple of the Kickapoo Club, but the reality is, I don't think I was even alive when that place was open. Either way, it was one of those dishes that could be compared to our whitefish parmesan of today's menu. Ever popular, it easily sold 20 orders a day. 

Our chefs start by coating the duck breast in a housemade blackening seasoning before pan searing it to a perfect, medium temperature. Don't worry... although many people assume duck to be the counterpart of chicken, it is actually a poultry that is capable of being cooked to specific temperatures.

The flavor profile and taste of duck is also a bit different than that of chicken. Duck technically has no white meat. The taste you'll experience will be similar to a stronger, dark meat chicken. To finish off the dish, the duck is placed over a drizzle of a chipotle hollandaise sauce and served with a bed of long grain wild rice.

From traditional French Cuisine, to a Kickapoo Club favorite, to getting an Uptown Grill makeover... this dish has proven to be nothing short of timeless.

And while that may be so, we can guarantee it won't be around for long. Stop in or carry out while you can!

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