Thursday, November 5, 2015

Orange Citrus Octopus & Salmon Risotto

by Josh Theisinger

On special this week we introduce a menu item that we have only showcased once or twice before. Introducing the all new orange citrus octopus, now at the Uptown.

We take our fresh octopus, slice it up and lightly coat it in bacon drippings before our chefs grill it on the stove.  It is then placed over an arugula and fennel salad before both are drizzled with a housemade orange-citrus vinaigrette. It is paired off with a red pepper aioli for a semi-spicy finish.  Octopus has a very mild taste that is typically masked by whatever it is cooked with. 

It's different, and many of you might raise an eyebrow to the thought... but we can assure you it's delicious!

Just bring us your appetite and we're positive you'll get suckered (couldn't resist a pun) into trying it yourself!

Also introducing a crowd pleaser, our chefs are whipping up salmon risotto for the colder days coming.  We take a hearty mixture of salmon, corn, peas, shallots and sautee them with white wine, butter, and heavy cream.  In turn it leaves with a rib-sticking dish that has been a staple in Italian cuisine for centuries. You don't have to travel far to eat dishes from around the world when it's all coming to you here at the Uptown

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