Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Reno: The Great Reveal

by Ray Anderes

Well, the last nail has been driven. At times I thought it would be in my coffin. On Thanksgiving Eve, our fabricator came and finished all of the last trim work and touch up. For those of you at a distance or have not been able to check out our new digs, we have put photos from the entire place in a folder for your perusal. All we have left to do are some cosmetics and adding art work, which we are working on.

And, just in time....December is our busiest month. We are looking forward to the month and lots of Christmas cheer in our new surroundings. After the first of the year be on the lookout for some other new exciting changes we are making to our operation. We will keep you posted

And thanks to all my customers and employees for putting up with our mess, the noise, and the disruptions. I hope you think it was worth it.

View our full photo gallery.


  1. Congratulations on your "New" place! It's always been a pleasure to dine at the Uptown. Always felt like I was "out on the town".
    Christine Uebel

  2. AND it's important to mention that you now have purse hooks under the bar. I know that was your main remodeling goal and then you just wrapped a new restaurant around it. mc