Thursday, January 14, 2016

Barramundi Filet & Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

by Josh Theisinger

Last week, I mentioned that all of our readers needed to keep their eyes out for barramundi on our menu. Now I can officially say it's here!

Our cooks start by taking a 10 ounce barramundi filet and coat it in a toasted pinenut, parmesan, and scallion crust before baking it to a perfect golden brown. It is then topped with cool roma tomatoes before being placed over a bed of spinach that is sauteed with roasted garlic cloves and grapeseed oil. 

Barramundi is the number one fish coming out of Australia. It is very similar to sea bass in that it has a light and flaky texture with a mild taste. During some seasons, barramundi is actually difficult to come by due to the Australians overfishing for their own commercial use.

While barramundi is always great as your entree, you can't skip over an appetizer. Chef Chris is serving up panko crusted, goat-cheese stuffed peppadew peppers served with a plum sauce for dipping. Peppadews are actually a piquante pepper that comes out of South Africa. The giant seed is removed out of the middle to reduce the heat and then pickled. These peppers have an extremely mild heat to them.

From the coasts of Australia to the middle of the South African continent, we're trying to find ways to bring the warm weather back to Illinois. We can only do so in spirit with these new dishes, but you'll have to brave the weather to come see (we're positive it'll be worth it!). 

Stop in or carryout soon to get your fill while it lasts!

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